Like any athlete, your child will be working hard in training. Please bring along a container of water for your child to drink throughout therapy.
Please bring a healthful snack for your child that can be divided into small portions to consume throughout the therapy time. Foods that contain protein and have less sugar and acids are preferred. Examples include cheese, yogurt, protein smoothies.
Parental/Family Expectations
Leading Edge is about more than the child - it is about teaching the family to weave movement practice throughout the day to ensure continued success after therapy. Family involvement and carryover is key in this process! The parent or guardian accompanying the child will be trained during this time. Therefore, the parent is expected to be present and participate in the at least the last hour of training each day. A home program that can be practiced throughout the time away from therapy will be taught during this time.
Carryover at home!
This type of therapy can produce significant results but is not a magic cure. It depends on your child working hard AND can only be maintained through your carryover at home after the intensive session. This does not mean that you have to buy a lot of equipment - simply follow through with the suggestions that we will give you for your child to carry over throughout daily life. These will be tasks that can be incorporated into activities of daily living - eating, grooming, dressing - or play!
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As this is a time in which your child and you will be working, it is preferable that other children who need your undivided attention not be present. If your child's siblings are old enough, and mature enough, to assist with carryover, they may also participate during the last hour of therapy. Otherwise, they may be happier staying home during this time.

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