Sessions may be 1 hour or more depending on goals and child's tolerance.
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Leading Edge therapy specializes in state-of-the-art research-based programs. This may include any therapies listed and described in the links below . Each child's program will be based on clinical reasoning tailored to your child's needs and goals.
Vestibular Retraining
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Investing in this intensive period of time and effort will make a significant change in your child's life!
And your child is certainly worth it!!!

Pediatric Therapy

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Therapy programs provided by Leading Edge are initially out-of-pocket. We do not bill private insurance or Medicaid. Weekly itemized billing statements will be provided to you if you wish to submit for possible reimbursement. Payment can be made by credit card, check, money order, or cash.
Therasuit Training - increased input, facilitation
Neuromuscular stimulation - to encourage proper muscle use & timing
Universal Exercise Unit Activities - strengthening & supported upright
   postures for exercise & functional activities
Constraint Therapy - children who use one side of the body but have
   movement in the other side
Mirror Therapy - for arm/hand use in hemiparesis
The 3 hour session typically includes flexibility, strengthening, functional skills, and soft tissue work as needed. Other types of therapy that your child may receive include: