Possible Risks/Reasons that your child may not be able to tolerate intensive therapy:
Cerebral Palsy
Severe cardiac or vascular conditions
Severe behavioral disorders
Uncontrolled seizure activity
Severe respiratory compromise
Recent surgery
Significant hip subluxation/dislocation

Dr. Castle is happy to consult with your physician regarding these conditions and the possibility of working with your child.
All patients need medical clearance prior to participating in the Leading Edge Intensive Therapy Program.
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Leading Edge Therapy
Children with the following conditions may benefit from this therapy

Pediatric Therapy

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Balance Problems
Brain Injury
Down Syndrome
Genetic Disorders
Spina Bifida/Spinal Cord Injury
Developmental Coordination Disorder
Developmental Delay
Cortical Visual Impairment
Idiopathic Toewalking
Other neuromuscular Problems